Announcing a new SZNS Album: the MeebitsDAO Pool

Announcing a new SZNS Album: the MeebitsDAO Pool

Nov 16, 2021

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SZNS is excited to partner with the MeebitsDAO to launch a new Album, the MeebitsDAO Pool. The MeebitsDAO is a community vehicle for funding innovative projects that will develop the ecosystem around Meebits. Learn more about the MeebitsDAO via their website:

What is the MeebitsDAO Pool

The Meebits DAO Pool is a SZNS Album which holds a bundle of 20 Meebits donated by block::block and MeebitsDAO founders that will be fractionalized as $MBBT ERC-20 tokens. The MeebitsDAO aims to make Meebit ownership as inclusive as possible by lowering the cost to entry to owning Meebits and giving $MBBT token owners access to opportunities presented by the MeebitsDAO without having to own an entire Meebit which is currently at a 3 ETH floor price. 


The MeebitsDAO plans to use the amount raised from the Album sale to reinvest into buying additional floor Meebits which will be added back into the Album. SZNS is a unique fractionalization solution in the market today by allowing for dynamic baskets of fractionalized NFTs, where the ERC20 token holders can vote to add or remove NFTs inside the Album. You can read more about the SZNS governance framework here

$MBBT Token

$MBBT represents fractional ownership of the basket of Meebits inside the SZNS Album, and holders of $MBBT gain access to ownership privileges determined by the MeebitsDAO. 

The $MBBT Album Token Sale will commence Thursday, November 18th, 2021 at 12:00PM PST on SZNS and will run for a duration of fourteen (14) days. 50,000 $MBBT will be available for sale for 0.005 ETH each, for a total raise of 250 ETH.

Anyone can participate in the sale and join the DAO by connecting their wallet to and purchasing their desired number of $MBBT tokens.

What's Next?

Get ready to join the Meebits community by participating in the upcoming Album Sale! Join the MeebitsDAO Discord here and the SZNS Discord here.