SZNS x Pear

SZNS x Pear

Oct 13, 2021

From Pear's blog:

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have proven to be the perfect on-ramp, bridging non-crypto natives to the crypto world. With participation from powerhouses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, digital fine arts in the form of NFTs are here to stay. And recent trends have further enforced that NFTs are a mainstay. So what comes next? Curators. Collectors. Community. Meet SZNS: an NFT platform to bring all these actors together.

I remember reaching out to John after hearing him present SZNS. What struck me about John was his desire to make NFTs accessible to everyone. So for example, someone who appreciate art and is a great curator can use SZNS to tokenize a collection of NFTs.

The SZNS platform makes it easy and accessible for collectors to consume, collect, trade, and participate in owning an album of NFTs that are created by curators. So rather than purchasing individual NFTs or investing in a single (even fractionalized) NFT, collectors can now gain exposure to a specific creator or curator’s collection. Now, where this gets even more interesting is when these albums can function as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

SZNS differentiates itself from other fractionalization tools out there by allowing fractional owners to engage in governance to collectively use the fractionalized NFT.

As NFTs unlock increasing utility over time as a whole, SZNS hopes to enable meaningful shared ownership of high-value NFTs.

For example, the DivineDAO – which is a large new collective focused on worldbuilding around Divine Loot NFTs (which are arguably one of the rarest parts) – is launching their DAO on SZNS. This lets the DivineDAO team focus on building their community and their product, instead of worrying about the technical implementation of their stack. The DivineDAO will be conducting their $DIVINE offering on SZNS ( tomorrow on Oct. 14th at 3pm ET. You can check out the DivineDAO Album here.

John and team are building the infrastructure to support NFTs and make it accessible for all participants in the ecosystem. We at Pear VC, along with Dragonfly, Framework, DeFi Alliance, LongHash and Cypher, are proud to back the SZNS team as they execute on their grand vision.

You can follow the SZNS team’s journey here on Twitter, Discord and on their website: